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You finally decided that straightening your teeth at your Lawrenceville orthodontist is your next smile goal. But, you may wonder what the whole orthodontic process is. Below we have listed five basic steps of getting braces, so you know what to expect.

Stage #1 – The Consultation

For your first appointment, our dentists will examine your teeth, jaws, and bite. Depending on your case, it can last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. Our staff takes digital impressions of your upper and lower teeth and lists the concerns. Together, we discuss solutions and alternatives and any risks of getting orthodontics. 


Most patients’ favorite part is showing before and after pics of previous patients with similar orthodontic needs. You will see how your treatment transforms your smile. At this time, we discuss the different orthodontic treatment options, like ceramic, traditional metal braces, or Invisalign aligners, and tackle fees and insurance. 

Stage #2 – Bonding/Banding

The second stage is the day when the braces are attached to your teeth. Some patients may require spacers placed between teeth a week or two beforehand to create gaps. 


Then finally comes the intricate process where the spacers are removed, and the brackets are cemented to the fronts of your teeth. The wires are attached to each bracket, and you can choose the color of elastics that hold in the wire. 


Getting braces doesn’t hurt, but it takes time to prep your teeth, carefully position brackets on each tooth, cement down, and then run the archwire through and tighten things up!


Afterward, you are given instructions on caring for your metalworks and a list of foods to avoid. Our friendly staff teaches you how to brush and floss with braces and keep your teeth in tip-top shape to prevent tooth decay and staining. 


Remember that for every instance you break a bracket, the entire treatment will extend for an extra month. So it is wise to listen intently and adhere to your dentist’s instructions.

Stage #3 – Monthly Adjustments Stage

Routine appointments every 4-7 weeks are scheduled at our state-of-the-art orthodontics practice to monitor your progress and make modifications. Brocken brackets are replaced, braces are tightened, and colored elastics are changed. 

Stage #4 – Debanding Stage

The debanding appointment is the day you have been waiting for. An impression is taken for your removable retainers. We remove each bracket and remaining cement and give you a thorough polishing. You will finally see how amazing your new smile looks without all that hardware blocking your view! The debanding appointment usually takes an hour.

Stage #5 – Retaining Stage

A retainer is made for you to keep your teeth in their new straightened position. You must wear your retainer 24/7 except when eating or drinking anything other than water. Wearing your retainer as directed is critical to avoid undergoing the orthodontic process again!

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