Orthodontic Technology at My Orthodontist



At My Orthodontist in New Jersey, we strongly believe our patients are entitled to the most comfortable, safe, and effective treatments available today, and to benefit from the best technology. Whether you’re visiting us for an orthodontic consultation or one of our many other orthodontic services, we will use the latest in orthodontics to help ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Our doctors are dedicated to upholding the highest of standards in patient care and satisfaction.

Technologies at My Orthodontist

  • Cone-Beam 3D Imaging: A cone beam CT creates a 3D view and cross sections of the target area. The information it provides is critical for a number of situations, including placing dental implants, performing a complex root canal or extraction, or searching for the source of pain or infection.
  • Digital X-Rays: Orthodontic X-rays enable orthodontists to see decay inside teeth that would not be visible to the naked eye. This allows us to act earlier against cavities, which is much better for the teeth. Thanks to advances in medicine, there is now a safer way to take these images.
  • iTero Scanner: Thanks to the wonders of modern advancements, we can now get all the information we need to plan your orthodontic treatment with a quick scan of the inside of your mouth, no dental impressions required.

Cutting-Edge Orthodontic Treatment

At our offices, we are passionate about our patients. We are uncompromising in our equipment, your comfort, and in the quality of our work. Whether your orthodontic needs are simple or complex, our doctors are qualified and our experienced team is here to make sure you feel safe. Come and enjoy orthodontic care at an orthodontic office unlike anything you have ever experienced!


We’re excited to have these technologies in our office. If you have any questions about our technologies, don’t hesitate to ask. Bring it up in your next visit or email us.

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