New Jersey retainers braces aftercare

After months or even years of wearing braces, it’s a joyous moment when they finally come off and you can see your new smile. However, the journey to perfect teeth doesn’t end there. Retainers are an essential next step, and their importance cannot be overstated. At My Orthodontist in Deptford, New Jersey, we emphasize that the use of retainers is crucial for maintaining the results achieved through your orthodontic treatment. Here’s why retainers are so important, particularly as part of your braces aftercare routine, and what makes New Jersey retainers a key aspect of your orthodontic journey.

1. Preventing Teeth from Shifting

Teeth have a natural tendency to shift back to their original positions over time—a process known as relapse. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including natural aging or changes in the mouth structure. Retainers are designed to hold your teeth in their new, correct positions during the crucial period following the removal of braces when the gums and bones are still adapting to the changes. Without a retainer, the beautiful results achieved by braces can deteriorate, meaning all the time, effort, and investment put into wearing braces might be compromised.

2. Ensuring Long-Term Alignment

The stability of your new tooth alignment relies heavily on wearing your retainer as instructed. Retainers help to control or limit potential changes in tooth position as one ages. By wearing a retainer according to the schedule provided by your orthodontist at My Orthodontist in Deptford, you ensure that your teeth remain aligned as intended. This ongoing commitment helps maintain a straight, attractive smile well into the future.

3. Supporting Overall Dental Health

Aligned teeth are easier to clean and maintain. When teeth revert to poor alignment, it can lead to harder-to-reach areas that foster the buildup of plaque and tartar, which can cause gum disease and tooth decay. By using your retainer and keeping your teeth in their intended position, you support the overall health of your mouth. This is a crucial aspect of braces aftercare that not only keeps your smile looking great but also contributes positively to your oral health.

4. Customized for Comfort and Efficiency

At My Orthodontist, we provide New Jersey retainers that are customized to fit comfortably and effectively. Each retainer is tailored to the exact contours of your mouth and teeth, ensuring it works efficiently to maintain your new smile. The comfort and custom fit encourage regular use, which is key to the success of your post-orthodontic treatment.

5. Adaptable to Different Needs

There are different types of retainers available, each suited to different needs and lifestyles. Permanent or fixed retainers are bonded to the back of the teeth, providing continuous support without the need for daily removal. Removable retainers, on the other hand, can be taken out for eating and cleaning. During your consultation at My Orthodontist, we discuss which type of retainer is best suited for your specific circumstances, ensuring you receive the most suitable and effective retention treatment.

6. Aesthetic Maintenance

A straight smile is often considered more attractive and can greatly impact one’s self-esteem and confidence. Retainers play an essential role in maintaining the aesthetic benefits achieved by your orthodontic treatment. By diligently wearing your retainer, you protect the investment you’ve made in your smile and continue to reap the benefits of improved appearance and confidence.

7. Cost-Effective Solution

Investing in a retainer is a cost-effective approach to maintaining oral health and alignment. The cost of having to undergo another orthodontic treatment due to relapse is significantly higher than the cost of a retainer. Therefore, using a retainer as part of your braces aftercare routine is not only beneficial for your dental alignment and health but also for your wallet.

Keep Your Results Through Retention!

Retainers are an indispensable tool in the world of orthodontics. Their role in maintaining the results achieved through orthodontic treatment is crucial, making them a must-have for anyone who has undergone such treatments. At My Orthodontist in Deptford and our other locations across New Jersey, we emphasize the importance of retainers in ensuring that the beautiful smiles we help create last a lifetime. Remember, wearing your retainer is as important as the treatment itself. New Jersey retainers, designed for your comfort and specific needs, ensure that your investment in a healthy, beautiful smile is preserved for years to come.


If you have any questions about retainers or need to get fitted for one, don’t hesitate to contact us at My Orthodontist. We are here to support you every step of the way in your post-orthodontic journey.


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