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Oral surgery is a specialized branch of dentistry that addresses various conditions affecting the mouth, jaw, and surrounding areas. At My Orthodontist, we provide a range of oral surgery services designed to improve your oral health and overall well-being. These services include oral and maxillofacial surgery, tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, and dental implants. Understanding why these procedures are performed can help patients appreciate the importance of oral surgery in maintaining dental health.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery focuses on treating diseases, injuries, and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws, and the hard and soft tissues of the oral and maxillofacial region. This type of surgery can range from minor procedures to complex operations. It addresses issues such as jaw misalignment, facial pain, and congenital disabilities. By realigning the jaws, removing tumors, and correcting other anomalies, oral and maxillofacial surgery not only enhances facial function but also improves appearance and boosts confidence.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is one of the most common forms of oral surgery. There are several reasons why an orthodontist might recommend extracting a tooth. Severe decay, infection, and overcrowding are some of the main factors. Extractions can prevent the spread of infection and make room for other teeth, possibly in preparation for orthodontic treatment. At My Orthodontist, our skilled professionals ensure that tooth extractions are performed with utmost care, minimizing discomfort and promoting a quick recovery.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are often removed through oral surgery. They typically emerge in the late teens or early twenties. In many cases, the jaw is not large enough to accommodate these extra teeth, leading to impaction (where the teeth fail to emerge fully or correctly from the gums) or misalignment of other teeth. Removing wisdom teeth can prevent potential problems such as infections, cysts, and overcrowding. Our team uses the latest techniques to ensure effective and comfortable wisdom tooth removal.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a durable and aesthetic solution for replacing missing teeth. The process involves inserting a titanium post into the jawbone, which serves as a sturdy anchor for a replacement tooth. Oral surgery for dental implants is highly technical and requires precise placement of the implant for optimal function and longevity. Dental implants can restore not only the look of natural teeth but also their function, allowing patients to chew and speak comfortably. We provide tailored implant solutions that meet the specific needs of each patient.

The Role of the Orthodontist

An orthodontist plays a crucial role in planning and coordinating oral surgery procedures. With specialized training in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities, orthodontists are equipped to determine the best course of action for oral health issues that may require surgery. They work closely with oral surgeons to ensure that each patient receives comprehensive care tailored to their unique needs.

Why Choose My Orthodontist for Oral Surgery?

Choosing the right provider for oral surgery is critical. At My Orthodontist in West New York, NJ, we are committed to offering the highest standard of care. Our team of experts uses the latest technology and techniques to perform oral surgeries with precision and care. We understand the anxiety that can come with surgery and provide a comforting environment where patients can feel relaxed and supported throughout their treatment.

Our commitment extends beyond performing procedures. We also focus on educating our patients about their oral health and the surgeries they undergo. Understanding the reasons for and benefits of oral surgery can ease anxiety and enable patients to make informed decisions about their treatment options.

Achieving Good Oral Health Sometimes Requires Surgery

Oral surgery plays a vital role in addressing various dental issues that cannot be resolved through conservative treatments alone. Whether it’s correcting jaw irregularities, extracting a damaged tooth, removing wisdom teeth, or installing dental implants, each procedure is performed with the goal of improving the patient’s oral and overall health. At My Orthodontist in West New York, NJ and our other locations across the state, we are dedicated to providing safe, effective, and compassionate care to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. Trust us to help you achieve a healthier, more confident smile.

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