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All About West New York, NJ

West New York replaced Union Township with an act of the New Jersey legislature in 1898 after a referendum. It saw massive growth in the early 20th century thanks to the development of textile industries that made the North Hudson area the “Embroidery Capital of the United States.”

Early on, the town was populated mostly with Italian Americans and German Americans, but in the ‘60s, so many Cuban immigrants arrived that West New York was called Havana on the Hudson, and it is still one of the U.S. cities with a majority Hispanic population. Some of the tallest buildings in North Hudson are the high-rise apartments on Boulevard East, which give us one of the densest populations in the country.

My Orthodontist West New York Location

We love serving the people of West New York and helping them achieve their properly aligned smile goals. Whether that means traditional metal braces to treat a complex orthodontic problem or low-profile clear aligners to treat something simpler, we can help. We also help patients who are in the retention phase of their treatment. Check this map if you need directions to our WNC location, or you can learn more about us on our business page.

If you aren’t sure which type of braces is best for your situation, we’re happy to help you find out at an initial consultation. We will determine what kind of treatment your smile will need. Traditional braces with metal wires and brackets are often still the best option for complex cases, but many patients are good candidates for treatment with clear ceramic braceslingual braces, or Invisalign.

Explore West New York

For the best view of the Manhattan skyline, visit Donnelly Memorial Park. The park overlooks the Hudson and is well kept, with playgrounds for kids and a dog park for pets. There are plenty of trees and shade. The centerpiece of the park is the Christopher Columbus monument.

If you haven’t tried any Cuban cuisine, we recommend Son Cubano. It’s just an 18-minute walk from our West New York location. You can enjoy the delicious food while enjoying an amazing view of the Hudson. Just keep in mind that this restaurant is on the fancier side of things, and the dress code for guests is smart casual.

Top image by Wikimedia user Hudconja used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported license. Image cropped and modified from original.