orthodontist near me in Paterson

Are you in need of an Orthodontist in Paterson, NJ? With so many dentists out there, it can quickly become overwhelming to choose the right one that can give you the beautiful straight smile of your dreams. 


My Orthodontist in Paterson could be the solution to your orthodontic needs. Let’s explore a few essential steps you need to take to find a perfect orthodontist to improve your smile in Paterson.

What Is An Orthodontist?

Do you go to your dentist, or do you go to an orthodontist for braces? When it comes to understanding the role of an orthodontist, it is helpful to think of them as specialized dentists. They have completed extensive studies in diagnosis, prevention, management, and correction of mal-positioned teeth, jaws, and misaligned bite patterns. 


Orthodontists are known for correcting crooked teeth. However, they can also address the modification of facial growth, known as dentofacial orthopedics. Our expertise lies in repairing the following: 


  • underbites
  • overbites
  • crossbites
  • overcrowded teeth
  • teeth spacing
  • TMJ disorders
  • jaw problems


Read our helpful tips on finding the best orthodontic care near you.


Be sure your orthodontist is a specialist and not just a dentist that does orthodontics. The American Association of Orthodontists website lists specialists who graduated from accredited orthodontic programs. (click here).

Google Reviews

Another great source of information is searching “orthodontist near me” on Google. It shows each orthodontic practice in your area and how high or low their patients rate them. Most orthodontists today provide a website with information about the services and orthodontics offered to help you make the right decision. 


Pay special attention to the reviews. Happy patients don’t always write positive reviews. But, unhappy patients usually go out of their way to tell the world they aren’t content. No orthodontist can make every patient happy, but a pattern of terrible reviews is usually a bad sign.


Oral surgeons work with many orthodontists in the community and get to see and compare work. While a dentist may only work with one or two orthodontists, an oral surgeon works with dozens. So getting a recommendation from an oral surgeon, you are sure to find the best orthodontist.

Location and Atmosphere

The most important thing you should do is pay an in-person visit to each practice you’re considering. How close is the practice to your home or workplace? What is your initial impression? Is the staff helpful and happy? Do you feel at home? What is the overall vibe? 

Insurance and Financing 

Find a happy balance between budget and expertise. It is essential not to compromise the quality of your oral health care only to minimize costs. 

Ensure your orthodontist accepts your dental insurance or offers financing options, such as out-of-pocket costs, package deals, or payment plans.

Call My Orthodontist Near Me in Paterson

Once you’ve narrowed down and found the “best orthodontist me” to meet your needs, the next step is to schedule an appointment at our dental office. Give My Orthodontist in Paterson, New Jersey, a call. 


My orthodontist offers traditional braces and many other orthodontic treatments to give you the dental care and perfectly straight teeth you’ve always wanted. Please contact our office today!