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WE HEAR A LOT of the same questions from patients and people interested in orthodontic treatment, so let’s wrap up the year by answering three of them.

#1: Can I make my teeth move faster by wearing extra rubber bands?

NO. Do not do that! The orthodontist’s instructions are very exact, and they are based on years of education and experience. Too few rubber bands won’t be as effective at helping teeth and jaws align properly, but too many will only cause problems. The best way patients can arrive at Braces Off Day on time is by following their instructions to the letter.

#2: Am I too old for orthodontic treatment?

No! As much as our culture has connected braces to adolescence, adults can certainly get braces too. The process can be easier with younger patients, but one advantage adults have is that they are older and wiser and better at following the orthodontist’s instructions. And if the worry is looking like a “brace face” as an adult, there are other options to consider that aren’t as noticeable, like clear aligners.

#3: How long does orthodontic treatment take?

That depends on the individual patient. Some cases are very simple and only require a few months to fix (not including the need to wear retainers afterward to maintain the end result). Others have more complex issues like an impacted tooth or a crossbite that take longer to fix. The complicated cases can run closer to two years, so make sure to have realistic expectations.

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