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Orthodontics in West Orange, New Jersey

You finally decided to straighten your crooked teeth at My Orthodontist in West Orange, New Jersey. But, you may still be wondering what the whole orthodontic process is. Here is a quick run-down of the five basic steps of getting traditional orthodontics so you know what to expect.

Step #1 – The Consultation

Our orthodontists will examine your teeth, jaws, temporomandibular joint, and bite problems during the initial appointment. Depending on your particular case, the meeting can last about 30-60 minutes. We take digital impressions of your upper and lower arch and list any concerns. We discuss solutions and possible risks of getting fixed orthodontic appliances. 

The best part of this visit is admiring before and after photos of previous patients with similar needs. You get to see exactly how your treatment can transform your smile. We take this time to discuss the different types of orthodontic treatments you can choose and tackle fees and insurance benefits. 

Step #2 – Bonding/Banding

The second stage of orthodontics is when the metal braces are attached to your teeth. Some patients may require orthodontic space maintainers between teeth to create small gaps. After a couple of weeks, the spacers are removed, and the brackets are cemented to your teeth. The arch wires are placed with colored elastics of your choice to hold the wire in its place. 

Getting orthodontics in West Orange doesn’t hurt. Still, it takes a bit of time. Your teeth must be prepped, brackets carefully positioned before cementing, and then running the archwire through and tightening things up!

We teach you how to brush, floss, and keep your teeth in tip-top shape to prevent tooth decay and maintain optimal oral health. You are given care instructions to take home with you and a list of foods to avoid.  

Take note that for every instance a bracket breaks, the entire treatment will extend for an extra month. So be sensible and adhere to the orthodontist’s instructions.

Step #3 – Adjustments Stage

Routine appointments every 4-7 weeks for 30 minutes are scheduled throughout your treatment to monitor progress and make adjustments. The traditional braces are tightened, colored elastics are changed, and if needed, broken brackets are replaced. 

Step #4 – Debanding Stage

You will probably be excited and maybe a little anxious about your “debanding appointment.” Your braces are removed, and you benefit from polishing to see how amazing your new smile looks without all that hardware! A final impression is taken for your removable retainers. This appointment takes about an hour.

Step #5 – Retainer Stage

The retention stage is critical as it keeps your straight teeth in their new position. You should wear your retainer 24/7 except when eating or drinking anything other than water. Please wear your retainer as directed to avoid undergoing the orthodontic care process again!

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